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moss won't grow on a rolling stone


The end of this month marks our last day on Broadway. I love sorting and purging, so I was in my glory sitting in a giant pile of old stock and supplies. At one point I exclaimed "I have enough stock to start up a store!" Todd was a second away from thinking I was serious and it wasn't going to be pretty before I calmed him down. Just kidding my man. I've done this a few times before, you may have noticed . . .

I love the setting up of the shop. SO much. Putting it together the puzzle is such a rush. But afterward, the day to day, it was a struggle. It took writing The Indie Business: Compass to really turn things around, inside out, from the beginning and understand what my core motivation is in running Lune. It was a revelation that allowed me to embrace my path and work with it rather than against it.  In it, I feel no sadness in leaving this experience behind. I've learned so much about myself in the past year and a half.

Going Mobile (again)

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