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One of the best things about selling through a local shop is the interaction you have with customers that love the same things as you do. That camaraderie in style can be really enjoyable.

I've enjoyed selling through both local and online marketplaces. It was over 10 years ago that I first sold online (eBay). Since then, the environment of online sales has changed to be as personal as local ones. Because of social tools like twitter & instagram, I can see packages arriving at doors within minutes of being received, and photos of their new owners wearing their purchases. I ship worldwide - so those doorsteps could be really far away. It kind of feels like a bit of me is globe trotting. The Midnight Rose Garden dress shown above now belongs to the beautiful Savannah Wallace of Maiedae who took this pretty instagram photo of our packaging (that's me circa 1979!).

It's a sweet dream for me to know these special garments are being loved and appreciated again. Please tweet or instagram me your Lune goods @lunevintage or email me style photos to share the wear at lunevintage@gmail.com. If you're hoping for a shop update, you can expect one soon. I have a round of hemming to do, and we'll be ready to rock. Peace!

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