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a camping we will go

a camping we will go


 This weekend we traveled out to Falcon Lake to hang out with Todd's brother and his friends who were celebrating his birthday. The first night we were on our own, which meant cameras put away, do not record, and do not quote. That's all I'll say about that (wink).

The next night, Luke came out to join us. We intended to bring out Evie too, but it was still a bit cool at night for her, and we quickly realized we need to baby proof our Boler for her next overnight stay. Luke ended up having the whole day and night with Mommy and Daddy all to himself, and he took advantage of that situation. We were able to do some exploring in places that only big kids are allowed, and stayed up late. At the end of the day, he said it was the best day ever.


 Look at those colorful crayfish claws. Luke and Todd picked the beach and showed me their best finds. The water is still very cold (can you tell?) but that doesn't stop a 6 year old boy. Funny how kids are so brave sometimes. 


We're lucky to be so close to Todd's brothers. They're twins, and less than a year younger than me (happy almost birthday Jason & Ryan). This means I've known them since they were 14, and saw them meet and fall in love with their wives, who I consider to be two of my closest friends. Their kids are close with ours, and we have so much fun together. I love them alot.


Campfires are one of the best parts of summertime. It's hard to capture that magic on film, but I tried. Here is one of my favorite photos I think I've ever taken. Can you see Luke's phantom marshmallow? To me, it harnesses the spirit of a warm summer evening, chilling by the campfire among the trees.

I think we'll spend many more days and nights here this summer.

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