Cooped up again. Oh well. Eve has learned to climb up on things, including this foot stool that allows her to peer out of our porch windows. It's days like this that I'm so glad we bought a house with a sun porch. I need the sun, or my mood dives, so this is a good solution. Even when it's a dark grey day, we can make the most of it by sitting in the porch and playing games, swinging, talking, coloring and just enjoying the fresh air, while staying dry.

The second year we moved in to this house, I painted the sun porch a soft but bright pea green. I liked how it mirrored the foliage in the spring and summer. It's time to freshen up the place again, and I'm leaning toward shiny bright white siding and trim with a bright, glossy colored floor this time. I think yellow might be a good choice. Any ideas?