Welcome to the Lune Travels Blog. I'm Jill. Within this blog you will find 10 years of travel, camping, and family stories. There is still time to tell many more. Please enjoy, and thank you for reading Lune Travels.

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This morning, my little 1960's LOVE tray was broken by my lovely little baby. I almost shed a tear for it. The little resin serving tray with the prettiest flowerchild print ended up being quite brittle after 50 years, and all it took was for Eve to pull it down from a side table onto the floor. Smash. Luckily, she wasn't hurt and the only casulty was nostalgia.

As I pulled the pieces together, thinking of how to salvage her, I realized what a great screen print this would make on a fringed summer tank. So, that's what I'm pulling together in the next two weeks, along with a whole bunch of hand dyed vintage slip dresses and hemming or repairing vintage dresses for Lune's mobile shop at the Fringe Festival. I always work best under pressure, but I also feel so stressed out. As usual, I have a million things to do, and not enough time. It's always that way.

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