showing me how it's done


 You might think the kids are missing out with all this festival stuff happening, and mama being away from home. Quite the opposite. They visit every day and think they own the place. Eve sets right in to trying on all the merchandise, and Luke sets his chair up front and gives me suggestions on how I should better the displays. I thought he'd probably be an entrepreneur one day because he loves helping out so much (ahem, taking over). But, turns out he might end up being a street entertainer. Making sure he was front and center for every show resulted in him being the assistant to two acts, and earning him a cool $15! I considered setting up a street act called Baby Dressup and starting our own family circus. Eve tried on so many hats, turbans, glasses, shawls and accessories, it was the best show I'd seen all day. Then again, I'm biased. I'm a sucker for these kids.