a place for spirit & clarity

Tomorrow morning we leave for the lake again to spend the weekend at this beautiful 1950's beachhouse. We always have a good time there, away from everything else. A 60's record player that serves up it's own psychedelic light show, orange, blue and purple shag, VHS tapes of childhood Christmases and dance recitals, and a collection of someone else's memories - as often happens when vacation homes pass hands over the years. It's a time capsule that serves up very few modern conveniences. A reprieve from daily concerns and distractions. I think we all need these once in a while.

It feels as though I've been so caught up in to do lists and phone calls, emails and appointments that I've had little time to create a picture of what the rest of this year will bring. I usually have a plan for each season, but with my family working together to get my uncles affairs in order and our big festival time just over with Lune's mobile shop, I admit that I'm feeling a bit lost. It's in times like this that I'm very prone to jumping into new uncertain waters with both feet, just to decisively dedicate myself to something. That hasn't always worked out well for me in the past, and as I mature, I see myself finally learning to proceed with intention rather than impulse.

This weekend, I plan on taking time to identify my intentions for this fall and winter. That includes how I'll be approaching the Lune blog with as much spirit and clarity as possible. I have a building energy brewing for this place, where so much more is possible.

Peace friends.