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getaway and back


Last minute getaways are the best medicine. One minute we were headed to the farmers market, and the next we were on our way out of town with not much more than the clothes on our backs, and our bathing suits. We're back home, and happy to change out of two day old gear, but it was a good time. We ended up at the beach and enjoyed a Beatles / 70's rock concert at the boardwalk. Proud to say this 1979 born girl knew the words to every song, and Luke knew a few too. I was so excited for the meteor shower that happened, but it clouded up about a hour before "stars" began falling. Seems to happen every time, kind of a bummer. Anyway, we're tired, a little grungy and happy that there are beautiful places not too far away from home to getaway to when we need it.

When was the last time you went on a spur of the moment getaway? Where did you go? Do you ever feel like it's time to drop everything and just run away for a little bit?


playland dreams

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