good moon raising


Check out the beach baby. She looks so big here, doesn't she. It's hard to believe that she's almost 15 months old, but life before her is also so far away and hazy that it seems a lifetime. We weren't sure about becoming a family of four, and I was afraid of how different a girl would be from raising a little boy. I worried about how much would change in our lives. Turns out, Eve Moon has brought only happiness, laughter, and helped us appreciate each other even more. The girl hardly has a bad moment. I don't know how it's possible to smile and laugh most of the day, and then fall asleep happily every nap and bedtime. She eats anything I give her, lets me style her hair as I like, and charms everyone she meets with her friendly smiles, waves and "hi!". Every day, I feel like I've won the baby lottery. I'm bragging at this point. It's sickening isn't it?

For the record (since I don't keep a baby book):

  • daily saying Luke (yewk), Milk, Up (bup), What's that? (whasssa?), What's this? (whasissss?) Mamma, Dada, Nanna, Poppa, Hi, Bye Bye, No, Yes, Thank You (pretty abstract, dadoo), Look, Eye. Plus constant hilariously detailed baby talk that we enjoy interpreting into full sentences.
  • Giving and blowing kisses on her own, and when asked.
  • Loves playing with her big brother and wants to be chased so loves to grab things (phone, ipod, remote, crayons) and run.
  • Plays dress up with Mamma's vintage beads, hats, glasses, scarves. Swinging in the basket chair or hammock in the porch is also a big hit.
  • Dance moves are evolving. Still loving baby beluga but is particularly enjoying Rancid during car rides.
  • Ok. One negative, but still pretty funny. Small bites, but we're working on it. Poor Luke is the one who gets it most. She's like a puppy so when playing, she nips. No one's perfect.