hair today, gone tomorrow

Hi guys. Well, I have something to share. We had a little "mix up" at the hairdresser last night. What was meant to be a pre grade 2 trim turned out to be a full on hairstyle change for Luke. We didn't ask for it, and I specifically said

"Shaggy, long, don't cut the bangs because he's growing them out. Just take it up a couple inches."

Before I knew what had happened, she had lopped off a huge chunk in the back that was WAY shorter than we had agreed on. I managed to save the bangs from the chop job - and had to say NO BANGS three times to get my way. I was so mad I almost cried right there. I was angry with myself for letting it happen. Was I not clear enough? Could I have stopped it? I haven't felt that furious in a while (thankfully).

So we had our little moment. I mean, since he was a baby, Luke's had long hair. It wasn't popular with everyone. Some people didn't get why he had long hair like a "girl". We were told by SO many people to cut his hair short and to give him a normal boy cut - just to see! It just wasn't our preference, and as he got older, we asked him lots of times if that's what he wanted. I even showed him several haircuts to give him an idea of what there was out there to choose from. Nope. He loved his long hair, was proud of it, and thought it was funny when he was called "miss". I love that about him.

It's that easy going nature that I admire in him. I shed a few tears knowing how sad he was last night. This morning, he crawled into my bed and when I opened my eyes - he was a rooster head just like when he was a baby. The kid has a killer cowlick, and we hadn't seen it since his hair had grown so thick and heavy. Now, it's going to be bed head city and mama will be playing stylist every morning to get it laying flat for the day. Still, by the afternoon today, I had him feeling good about it. I'm even getting used to my big boy's short hair. He's such a handsome, good natured, funny guy - hair has nothing to do with it. And, it really is pretty cute now that I'm not seeing red anymore.


The bottom line is, I feel a little silly getting so rilled up about a hair cut. Hair grows back. The important thing is the happy, healthy, loving big brother under it. I'm thankful for this boy every day of my life. He is my sunshine.