won't miss the mess


August has been good to us so far. We're feeling like things are going back to "normal" after the hurricane of activity that happened in July. After moving out of our local shop and studio this spring, our house has been a mess. I tried to keep the overflow of stock and supplies contained, but sometime around the beginning of July, our dining room became my sewing room, our laundry room became a stock room, our hall wardrobe became packed with vintage dresses and all the laundry baskets became claimed with shoes and bags. After the festival, most of the stock had sold, but there was still a matter of the workroom situation that had taken over a big chunk of our living space.

For a while, I couldn't even look at it. Do you ever feel like that? Making not turning your eyes in the offending direction a solution to the problem? I find when this happens to me, I just need one strong urge and then I'll rip through that mess like nobodies business. If you follow me on Instagram (@lunevintage) you might have guessed that it finally happened, and now I'm an organizing and re-decorating dynamo! First stop, laundry. Second stop, dining room. When I'm done, I'll share a Lune house tour with you since it's been quite a while. I'm not sure that I've ever done a full one so that might be fun. I have so much art to hang that I haven't had the energy to decide upon, so that's going to be very fun. Peace & sorting!