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I've been dreaming and I wanted to share my plans for next spring with you. Here's the situation. I have come to the definite conclusion that working from home is ideal for me. I've rented a studio space before (visit the tour of it


 - boy that seems like ages ago!), and although it was beautiful, I found it very hard to leave for any substantial amount of time to work there. I just wasn't enjoying the beauty of my environment because it felt like too much separation. Back and forth with projects, and allowing too much time to pass before revisiting them. I love working away while Eve plays at my feet. I enjoy stopping to fix lunch or switch gears. It's easy to stop and go. It's ideal, except for the lack of dedicated space.

So it is clear that although I want to work from home, I need a space that I can feel comfortable welcoming in customers and clients, along with maintaining the privacy of our family. Lune's studio needs space for vintage clothing storage and display, photography equipment and back drops, a large work surface for sewing, cutting and screen printing, and convertible sales space for in studio sales that will be open to the public. In partnership with our

Mobile Shop

in eggie, and

Lune's webshop

, this will be the home base for Lune.

I thought about moving to a larger home which would solve my need for a studio, but wouldn't solve the separation issue, would be more expensive, and too disruptive for the family. So, we turned our attention to the nearly century old detached garage on our property and agreed it would be the best solution. We'd get to stay in our home that we love so much, and instead of spending hard earned cash on studio rent, we'd invest it in converting our old garage into a year round studio. It's a project that I am over the moon about and looking forward to sharing the process of. Construction won't happen until next spring, so now is the time for developing a plan for the structure, and sourcing the details. I've just started a

pinterest board for the project

, so if you have any great links PLEASE share them with  me in the comments. I could go on and on, but this morning I just wanted to share my excitement. I'm ready to embark on a new adventure!