rollercoaster whiplash and Q&A

Haha. Look at that long hippie hair! I still miss it but I'm starting to like Luke's new short hair. I bet it'll look like this in no time anyhow, considering how fast time is moving lately. This photo was from July and it feels like so much time has passed already. I'm home this week due to a little bit of whiplash that has been becoming more severe over the past week. I got it from riding a roller coaster. I've ridden many in my life so far and NEVER have I been injured by one, so I'm feeling pretty lame right now. Has this ever happened to you?

So, I thought since I'm trying to avoid things like work, laundry and doing something productive under doctors orders of letting my shoulder rest, now would be a good time for a Q and A. It can be about anything really. Questions, comments, suggestions, whatever. Feel free to comment and don't feel like it has to be blog related.  I'll reply right below each comment. It's so much more fun when this blog is a place of discussion.