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ticky ticky ticky

eve, usLune Vintage20 Comments

Here's a blurry but happy photo for you. Eve has taken to tickling everyone in the family. She chased me around for 10 minutes at least, all the while squealing "TICKYTICKYTICKY!!!". It was just too much. I love her attitude. She has us all on the run, and those little chubby legs move faster than you might imagine.

It's wild how fast this girl is growing. It seems like before I became familiar with her walking confidently, she was running! Now a few little words has become a handful of new ones a day, looking out the car window and pointing things out to us, singing, dancing, and getting a banana from the cupboard for me to peel it. Everyday is something new.

I am so happy with how things have turned out. Parenthood. Once upon a time, what seems like long ago, I wasn't too warm on the idea of having children at all. I didn't know how full of love life could be, even though I had so much already with Todd. Turns out, this motherhood gig is right up my alley. I may do it my way and not act very momish most of the time, but I've come to see, I'm not the only one who finds their own path into motherhood. If I had known the inspiration, patience and self confidence that comes comes along with this new role as caregiver, mentor and protector - I would have jumped into it without fear. I guess, I just wanted to share that happy thought with those of you who are considering your life currently, wondering if parenthood is the right path for you. Every journey is unique and it is what you make of it.