found + loved : mr. printables


Happy Monday friends! Do you ever stumble across something online and wonder, how did I not know this existed? Well, I was shocked to discover

Mr. Printables

, an amazing learning resource website FULL of free, beautifully designed printable games, charts, cards, posters, masks and even toys. Honestly, it's enough to make me want to run out and buy a high quality printer. I was first drawn to the

doodle on the moon


map of the moon poster

, and

printable constellation maps (star charts)

. But, there's so much  more geared to teaching your little one all about the world around them. Some of these things are fun for adults too - including a bunch of cute 

Halloween printables

. Honestly, if you haven't already explored this site - do it. I know you'll love it!  Enjoy!