honey dreams


I doubt I'll ever be a country mouse. It's a romantic notion, but I'm not blind to it's challenges. Realistically  the city holds more opportunity for the life our family enjoys living. Still, it is nice to visit my mom's old homestead. It's a little place to play country mouse for an afternoon. 

Even if they're unlikely and impractical, daydreams of a different lifestyle can be fun. I imagine us running an apiary and producing honey and beeswax products. Dipping my own candles in a sun filled country kitchen while I keep an eye on the kids playing outside in the wide open spaces. Too bad, I don't care for insects. I also picture the long, dark and isolating winters on a farm would drive me batty. There are a long lists of con's for this kind of life. I guess that's why I'll leave it to the real life farmers and stick to visiting and buying locally made products for my farm life fix. 

Do you have a just for fun lifestyle daydream? What makes no sense at all, but gives you a little sigh?