mystery pie

I had something funny happen to me the other day. Todd got up in the morning to find a pumpkin pie on our doorstep in the rain. It wasn't covered at all, just open to the elements. It looked like it might have been "disturbed". So he put it in the fridge. That morning when I was packing Luke's lunch, I saw it and thought he was thawing a frozen pie that I didn't know we had. I considered eating a slice for breakfast (busted!), but didn't. That afternoon he told me the story and I was pretty confused.

There was a time (or so I'm told) that a neighbor could leave a pie on your doorstep, and you wouldn't question it. You'd be pleasantly surprised, and eat it up, yum! I am sad to say that I don't consider mystery food left on my step early in the morning to be edible though, so if it was a nice gesture, I'm sorry I couldn't chance it. I was pretty sure it was poison. How negative of me. What would you have done?

So, mystery pie maker. I really wanted to eat that pie, but next time - cover it and leave a note - ok?