october flick - rosemary's baby

It's mid October, and just two weeks until Halloween. Are you in the mood for scary movies like I am? 

If you haven't indulged in a bit of flick induced fear as of yet, I suggest Roman Polanski's 1968 rendition of the novel Rosemary's Baby . It's a subtle, smart, and thought provoking thriller that you're sure to enjoy on many levels. Not only is the beautiful Mia Farrow convincing in her role as Rosemary Woodhouse (sporting a revolutionary hairstyle change during the movie), but the social commentary of the times is impossible to miss.  In a time where a woman's opinions and concerns were secondary to their husbands, the despair and hopelessness of Rosemary's plight is palatable. As a mother, what I find most compelling is her struggle between rejecting the evil result of her unborn child's perversion with the natural instinct to protect and nurture above all else. It is a heartbreaking moment as she accepts the child who "has his father's eyes". The best movies are those which leave you with questions of, what would you do?

 In the mood for a bit of Rosemary? Here are a few worthy Lune picks!

So tell me, what are your favorite Halloween flicks?