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play mess


This week I'm doing a lot of sorting and photographing of stock. Working at home is sometimes a challenge with a little one around (especially when she has a cold). The good news is it's not impossible to get things done if you're ok with getting a little messy. 

The thing about babies is, no matter how many compelling, creative and well made toys you provide for them, there will never be anything more interesting than what YOU are doing. Unless you intend on playing with baby toys all day, that means you have to make it ok for them to join in on your tasks. Make sure it's safe, that the mess can be cleaned up later, and go at it. 

If you're worried about things getting damaged, keep a special selection of similar things that are suitable for little hands. When I buy vintage costume jewelry lots there are always plastic bead necklaces that I won't be able to sell. At local sales I usually put them out for 50 cents a strand and end up giving them away to kids who admire them. When I'm working at going through stock or taking photos I bring out a suitcase of scarves, hats, sunglasses and necklaces. All I need to do is pop the top on that case and she's right in there stringing every gaudy bauble around her little neck (PS. never leave a baby alone with this, it's definitely a choke hazard.). She keeps busy, I get some work done, and we take breaks now and then. The time goes quickly and no one is left feeling ignored. At the end, there's a bit of a mess - but it's so worth it. 

Blending personal ambition with family life is a challenge but it is what you make of it. Kids grow from seeing their parents follow their dreams. Don't hold back. Don't wait. Make yourself an example for them.

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