pumpkins, black cats + all that

We've been getting into the spirit of the season around here. Pumpkins, black cats, ghosts & bats. The kids love it, and so do we. One of the most enjoyable parts about having a little family is the opportunity to see times like this through your child's eyes. It's almost like being one a second time around. There are so many fun things to do this month and we're trying to pack them in between the cold and rainy days. The thing I love most about Halloween is that it's pretty stress free. The focus is fun, dressing up, and eating candy, candy, candy! We're soaking it up.

Lune's Halloween to do list : drink pumpkin spice coffee, "boo at the zoo", corn maze, watch Garfield's Halloween and the Great Pumpkin, make a Halloween song mix, comic con, caramel apples, decorate the front porch, visit the costume stores, scary movies, the haunted forest, trick or treating!