beach baby

I know it's the Thanksgiving long weekend for many of you, and I'm sure a lot of you are road tripping, spending time with family and friends and not reading blogs. I hope you're having a great time. Here in Canada, it's just a regular weekend since we had our celebrations last month. However, I still took part in some in preparation for something exciting . . . we're going on a winter vacation!

I was a bit nervous about booking a flight with an infant. She flies for free but doesn't get her own seat so we're going to have her on our laps all the way to Cancun. We're staying just outside Playa del Carmen. I did a lot of research on the best vacation spots to bring children, and this destination fit our budget and seemed to have endless things to do, incredible scenery, and a lot of learning opportunities for Luke. Family travel and exploration is something that is very important to us. We're glad to get back into motion and to places our car can't drive us to. 

Plus, it's very exciting to be shopping for summer dresses when my wardrobe lately has been suffocated by a parka and mukluks. I'm counting the days . . .