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holiday gift idea - blurb books

It's a little hard to believe it, but the holiday season is upon us. I usually keep Christmas fairly simple and try to give thoughtful gifts that can be enjoyed for a long time.  

Blurb’s Custom Planners and Photo Books give the opportunity to create a thoughtful gift of smiling faces, memory filled places, delicious family recipes, personal poetry or even a self authored book. If your gift list is already taken care of (are you serious???) why not treat yourself to a custom planner for the new year. Whatever you choose, it's fun and easy to create a Blurb book, and you'll end up with a personal gift that you can give with pride. Plus, order now and get 15% off!

PS. Lune loves Blurb so much that we're publishing our Vintage Academy handbook with them! I'm in the process of using their self publishing program and I love it. This is why Lune is proud to be a Blurb affiliate. 


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