lune review : stickygram

I'm always on the lookout for creative, thoughtful and economical gifts during the holidays. These cute magnets are a great idea. Stickygram asked us to try them out, and sent us a sheet. The Stickygram site makes it very simple to log in with your Instagram account and select 9 images per sheet. I liked how the up-loader allowed you to see the other images in the grid. I chose 3 of Luke, 3 of Eve and 3 close ups. About a week later, they were in my mailbox. I thought the packaging presentation was definitely nice enough to send as a gift to a far away friend. The set comes in a perforated square of 9 magnets which are easy to separate. The finish is matte, and has a nice smooth texture. The best part is being able to enjoy some of my favorite Instagram pictures every time I walk past my fridge. I'm actually a no fridge magnet kind of person, but happily made an exception for these. Luke and Eve thought they were pretty cool too.


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