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one 1/2

eve, us, homeLune Vintage8 Comments

I can't believe I'm writing this, but it's true - Eve Moon is turning one and a half this week! We noticed today that she's quickly inching up on the growth chart in her room (don't get me started on her brother - yikes!).  I'm already thinking about swapping the crib for a toddler bed in a few months. Luke got his big bed when he was two. How is it that time has flown by so quickly? I suppose it's another reminder that babyhood and childhood are precious, and meant to be enjoyed while they last.

These days, Eve is so busy. It's become quite a challenge to photograph her, so I've given myself some slack and am content with "action" shots that are not entirely in focus, or of a good portion of her body. It should give you a sense of how she jumps from one thing to the next. No wonder she learns so quickly. I am amazed by her. 

Happy one and a half my little moon!