serious face paint business


Otherwise known as the Christmas Pirate. Of course. Couldn't be like a candy cane or a snow man or something like that. I asked for a smile but he told me, pirates don't smile. It's for the best, because at this age a "SMILE FOR THE CAMERA" smile looks pretty strained. He's at that age that if I don't sneak up on him having fun, there's no way I'm getting a picture of a real looking smile. And, I'm not that fast with focusing, so most of these types of pictures are a blur. Ah....but that's just the way it is. Not every moment can be perfect and holding still for the camera. Not having a ton of grinning photos won't lessen my memories of how this boy lights up my life with his humor and silliness. Photos and 2nd graders just don't mix most of the time I guess.