This weekend, my little guy turned 7 years old. We rented an old movie theater for his party and had the whole place to ourselves. Luke got to pick which movie he wanted to show. He picked Home Alone. I think all 7 year old boys must love that movie. The group was enthralled  There was pizza, popcorn, concession candies and monster cake to eat. The kids got to sit on the stage and watch up close. Near the end of the movie the shadow dancing began. The energy of a group of 7 and 8 year olds is endless, especially when fueled by sugar.

The next day, on his actual birthday, Todd gave him a lego table filled with Monster Fighters sets. He told Todd that he's the most AWESOME DAD EVER. I agree, since he stayed up very late putting it all together, even though he was feeling sick. We invited family over in the evening. Being so close to Christmas, it's also a great time to visit with family we won't get to see on the actual day. He's a very lucky boy to be loved so much by his uncles, aunties and grandparents. Luke chose birthday apple pie instead of cake. He got his first snowboard and boots from his Poppa and a helmet from his Uncle. Today he is begging to go try them out, but we're busy packing for sunshine and seawater. It'll have to wait, just one week. 

Happy Birthday my wonderful boy! 7 is going to be an awesome year!