travel fare

Hello and happy Friday! We are in the midst of the holiday season, and while that's very fun and exciting, I can't help but be completely distracted by our upcoming trip to Mexico. This is a trip that's mostly for pleasure with just a tiny bit of business thrown in. Let's face it, shopping for Lune is my idea of fun too. I can't wait to check out the textiles and garments at some of the shops I've researched. We're staying near Playa del Carmen. If you have any tips on where to check out, please share them!

I put together a collection of items I'd love to bring on the airplane with me. This selection is just for me. I'm going to be putting together a few of these selections. Not only are they great gift ideas for winter vacationers, they also might help me remember what to bring while packing. I always forget something major. This past summer I left my passport in my hotel. Sigh . . . it's always a gamble that I might not make it back to Canada. 

one.     loomy leather duffle travel bag - Genuine Goods 786 
two.    Vans Bixie shoe (easy to slip on and off at customs, plus great for touring) - Swell
three.   pure virgin wool serape (a shawl for the drafty plane, a blanket for sunning) - Mexchic
four.    hand-stitched leather passport wallet - Cicada Leather Company
five.     handcrafted journal  - Choice Cuts
six.      white corn resin, water resistant watch (I won't miss my flight, or boat) - Sprout