Welcome to the Lune Travels Blog. I'm Jill. Within this blog you will find 10 years of travel, camping, and family stories. There is still time to tell many more. Please enjoy, and thank you for reading Lune Travels.

right up our alley


 A picture window of our Sunday afternoon and the bowling alley. Luke was sad that it was too cold to go snowboarding. This weekend was icy with windchill values of -32 C. We're tough, but we're not that tough. So to cheer him up we played a couple games at our local lanes. It was Eve's first time "bowling". She had to wear a size 8, the smallest size of shoe even though she's a 5. It was a fun time, and a nice escape from cabin fever.

PS. what do you think of my punny title? I read a lot of Piers Anthony when I was a teen :-)

supermarket chic

baby black & white