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when you're cold, create.

Lune Vintage25 Comments

I've been feeling down since we came back from vacation. Mostly, it's the -40C temperatures that keep us indoors and away from sunlight and fresh air. I really like winter, but January and February in Winnipeg can go from crisp cold to hazardous overnight, and stay that way for weeks. 

I had to do SOMETHING different to keep myself from going insane. So, I decided I'd tackle my goal to create a spring/summer jewelry collection for Lune. Soldering is something I've done before with my father in law who has created a lot of stained glass work. This summer my dad gave me a solder kit, which I fired up last night. It took quite a few pieces before I got my groove back, but by the end of the evening I was very happy with the results. So what I'm saying is, you're seeing the beginnings of something new. A sketchbook full of ideas is about to be realized. 

That's a great feeling, and a good reason to stay indoors for a bit longer.