a few things


Oh hazy lazy winter days are here to stay. We've been a sick bunch at the Lune house for the past week. I just can't seem to shake a cold. Of course, a couple days later poor Eve came down with a fever, and then Luke was hacking and sneezing. I'm convinced the lack of fresh air is doing us all in.

On the up side, Todd made some shelving for me in a dining room window that was really lacking personality. Our home is pretty small and there isn't a lot of wall space for shelving that isn't directly in the way of a walking path. This seemed to be the perfect solution. He used fir planks that I plan on staining to match our teak dining set (when the weather warms). I wanted the shelf supports to be minimal, so he used quarter round molding. I wasn't sure it would be strong enough, but it seems to be holding up very well. I have so many little things that I have collected over the years. Some are special to me, some are just cool looking. It's a pick up of personality for the tiny dim dining room. My judy looks happy nestled in the corner, doesn't she? That kimono jacket is one of my favorite thrift store finds. I can't wait until I can wear it with a tank top and a pair of cutoffs this summer.