I thought you might enjoy a drawing Luke (and Eve) made for me the other day. It's pretty accurate . I think I must look exactly like this some mornings when we sleep in and are rushing to get Luke to school on time. During the spring, summer and fall, it's no big deal. We're pretty quick. I love the morning walks and the fresh air. But in the winter months, there are coats, hats, mitts, scarves, ski pants, boots, and a car to warm up, brush off and pile into. It can get pretty hectic. I've put Eve's mitts on three times before leaving the door, pack them all up to finally go out of the house, have Eve in one arm and my keys ready in another and realize Luke's missing his glasses. Well, then

lazer eyes

come out and I may as well be wearing a shirt that boldly states "



It's not always this way. I think I'm a pretty chilled out person. At work, I roll with the punches and stay positive. I don't let things get under my skin. I actually think motherhood has made me more easy going. Baby number two was way easier to adjust to than baby number one. In fact, life in general has been pretty cool. I hung this drawing up in our kitchen to remind myself to be crazy in a good way and to just chill. All these little things, they don't matter. As long as there's love and support, and we get there eventually, everything will turn out just fine.

So, we just have to chill Mommas. It'll be all right.