electroforming magic

I've been researching a fascinating form of jewelry making lately. Do you ever wonder how organic materials are given a beautiful metal coating of copper, silver or gold, transforming them into one of a kind jewelry pieces? The process is called Electroforming. It's similar to electroplating, but where that process works on metallic objects, electroforming can be used on all manner of materials. The metal skin essentially forms to the object (like bronzed baby shoes), taking it's form. Organic materials which decompose naturally are encased within the thick metal coating.

The process involves a bit of chemistry, but really isn't that complex. You can read about Electroforming an Iris Seed Pod to get an idea of how to do it. Kits are available ( I found some on ebay) to start you off if you're not confidant in gathering the materials yourself. Shells, crystals, bones, flowers, glass and all sorts of found objects can be transformed by this method. I find the possibilities fascinating, don't you?

I love discovering and understanding new ways to create. As in all art forms, there is a learning curve on the way to mastering the craft. I wanted to share a few beautiful items I'd be proud to own from electroforming Etsy sellers (see bottom of post for links). Do you know of an artist doing wonderful things with this process?

 image sources : 1 + 2 : pirok // 3 : kuhns glass // 4 : electroforming an iris seed pod // 5 : all natural wonders // 6 : silvias creations