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love past to present


Happy Valentines Day everyone! Tonight Todd and I are spending a romantic family date at the restaurant we always went to when we were first dating (sooooo many years ago). The only change is that the restaurant moved to a different location, and that we have two kids in tow. So, maybe it won't be super romantic, but there will still be a lot of love.  I wrapped up a couple little presents for the kids to open. Just small things. My mom always did nice things like that for me every holiday. What a spoiled kid. Just look at me. haha. I hope my kids feel like I go the extra mile to make them feel special.

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. This week she asked a group of us to share photos of us as kids, and to write a little love note to our past selves. It's a great idea for this time of year. Remember that the ability to really love starts with loving yourself! Then, show love and kindness to everyone around you. Have a great day!

xo Jill

you amaze me kid