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luneshop - planetary orbs

It's so fun to get into a making groove. For me, it comes and goes. Right now I'm on a productive streak, probably having something to do with the longer days and rising temperatures. There's nothing like spring oncoming to lift one's energy levels. I have a pretty cool update for the blog coming up in March. A twist to the style of blogging I've been doing for the past 4 years. Plus, I've also been creating a new Lune design - pretty planetary orbs accented in copper, which is my absolutely favorite metal. They are the kind of simple, understated accessory that I love. With so many pretty color choices, you could probably find one for every outfit. Each are $29 shipping included (within Canada & US, email for worldwide quotes). They come to you in a netted pouch. I'm very proud of how beautifully these have come out, it took a lot of practice and some minor burns before I got my technique down. 

Find Lune's Planetary Orb necklaces on instagram @luneshop (#luneshopjewelry).

An up and down week

ms. moon