An up and down week

As weeks go, this has been a roller coaster  The week started great with a delicious meal for my sister in law's birthday at a french restaurant I'd never been to before. Then, I went to see Tegan & Sara with my other sil Tanya. We had a great night. When I came home that night, everything changed. Eve came down with the flu. 3 straight evenings on throw up alert, changing diapers frequently, and changing sheets just as often. We've been running our washer non-stop. The girl won't eat more than a couple bites, and still is having a big problem drinking anything past noon. Poor baby. It's been a nightmare. I'd say this is the first time she's been this sick, and it feels terrible to watch her suffer it out. I've been quiet online, and honestly it's because I'm beat. Totally wiped out. I feel like hiding away forever and ever. I know this will be over soon enough, but it's such a bummer.

On a fun note, Todd and I booked a trip to Las Vegas for the end of March. Last year we planned to take the trip together for the end of March, but a car broke down (I think, either that or the roof leaked, both big ticket fixes). The trip money was taken up with non-fun things and we had to cancel. This time we decided we could swing it. I've been saving away travel money and Todd got a nice work bonus. So happily, with babysitting from my parents, we're actually going to vacation alone for a few days. Yahoo!!! I'm so excited. We booked a 16 hour trip to the Grand Canyon too. I just had to pack that in. It's one of the 7 natural wonders of the world after all.