Waking on Glaciers - Columbia Icefield

Waking on Glaciers - Columbia Icefield

The Bow Glacier, the Crowfoot Glacier, and the Columbia Icefield on the Athabasca Glacier were just a few of the many mounds of ancient ice we saw during our trip through Jasper. 

It was the first truly grey day of our roadtrip and our last one in the mountains. We arrived around 5pm after visiting Athabasca Falls and Maligne Lake. The interpretive center was closing up and there were very few visitors climbing up the path which lead to the entrance of the icefield. Although we could have waited for one of the tundra buses that drive you up onto the glacier, we decided that we'd rather walk there. That hike wasn't as easy as it looked from the bottom. Todd carried Eve the whole way up, while Luke ran back and forth effortlessly and I struggled upward with determination. My footwear (Keens) aren't the cutest, but they really helped on the loose rock which has been left behind after the glacial ice receded. It was a mini victory for me to make it - resulting in my cheesy explorer pose. As you travel the path towards the edge of the ice flow, there are year markers showing the increasing rate of melting. The Columbia Icefield itself has receded 1.5 k in the past 125 years. Its a sobering experience to witness the effects of global warming in such a concrete way. It was cold, windy, grey, and wonderful.

This post marks the end of our travels from August, 2013.  My heart felt huge and open for two weeks straight during this time. I loved the experience, and could see how we all grew together as a family. This trip was made possible by saving earnings from @luneshop, cutting down on personal expenses beforehand, researching the most economical places to stay via fantastic sites like tripadvisor, choosing what tourist options we'd like to partake in, and which we could experience on our own, bringing food along with us (our kids eat snacks like little goblins) and considering photographs to be the best (and most economical) souvenir we could take along the way. We payed cash the whole way, and didn't return home to leftover vacation debt. Having done this in the past, I know how much we hated paying for a trip well over a year after taking it. Exploring our country was such a thrill. We're planning what direction to travel next. I want to see as much as Canada as possible while our kids are young so they can know their home and native land more intimately. It's quite an amazing place.

I will be uploading our summer trip into the TRAVEL ALBUM this week. I hope you enjoyed experiencing what we saw through these photos.

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