Picking Raspberries


August long weekend usually is spent out of town visiting family, but this year it didn't come together and we were left with no plans. I tried to book a last minute camping spot with absolutely no luck (not a big surprise). It was for the best anyhow since we're taking our trip west this month and need to be a bit frugal in the traveling department.

So we stayed home, but we weren't actually home much. We watched a movie in the park, went to the zoo and did some gardening. Today we took a trip to pick raspberries in Stonewall (Boonstra Farms). The picking went well with Eve entertaining herself by eating off the bush and Luke proving he's a talented and patient picker. There was a petting zoo with cute goats and chickens, a kitten, ponies and bunnies. I had to share a photo of the bunny shed. Hilariously hostile isn't it ? Luke liked the hay maze and the old motorcycle set up for kids to try out.

It was a good day and we sure have a lot of raspberries now! Some were squished on the ride home, so I froze them and am spending the evening with a coffee, researching raspberry smoothie recipes.


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