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Icefield Parkway

Icefield Parkway

Down the Icefield Parkway (Hwy 93 North) we were treated to many wildlife encounters including Black Bears, Woodland Caribou, and Bighorn Sheep. I spotted a bear on the embankment off of the highway and foolishly assumed that I'd see more so didn't take a photo. The next time I had the chance for a picture, it was through the brush. Can you see the silhouette? One unexpected sighting was a poncho clad man walking across a lake. Divine. 

I find it interesting that grazing animals don't hold my attention very long at the zoo, but in the wild a close up encounter with a few sheep makes me loose my mind! I guess it's because I feel privileged to be on their turf in such a beautiful environment. Judging the laid back, disinterested demeanor of most of these animals, they aren't very enthused about the traveling human zoo either. 

We saw so much more wildlife in Jasper National Park than we did in the areas of Banff that we visited (just a gang of chipmunks on Sulphur Mountain). More on the spectacular Icefield Parkway route in the next travel post! 

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