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Personal Growth Achieved Through Blogging

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This post is part of an ongoing Lune series focused on Loving & Living with your Blog. In the past, I've written about how your blog can reach out to others and how you can contribute to the online community with a unique voice. Today I want to share how blogging can act as a catalyst for personal growth.

What happens when you make time to blog?

Each time I sit down to write a post on Lune, I instantly change perspective. It's like a switch goes on, where the outside world and thoughts of the day fade into the background and my inner dialogue comes into focus. You'll likely find that people who know you personally will feel unfamiliar with your blogging dialogue, as though it doesn't sound like you. The truth is, when that switch goes on it reveals a voice that is only heard inside your head. You are tapping into a more contemplative frame of mind where you become more open to your emotions and thoughts. It's the perfect place to start learning about who you are presently, and who you wish to become as the years come to pass.

Learning about yourself through blogging

No one ever said that when you start a blog, it needs to be maintained for a lifetime. It doesn't even need to be public. They key to learning anything about yourself through blogging is to make a commitment. That can be something like committing to blog about one year in your families life, to chronicle the startup of a new business and the ups and downs you face during a certain period, to blog exclusively about your travels and what you've learned along the way, or something simple and light hearted like chronicling favourite  recipes or fashion choices over the seasons. The result is the same regardless of the topic. You will end up with a valuable record of change over time. If you stick with that commitment to blog, you will be shocked about what you will learn about yourself. These collections of thoughts might end up decoding a message that will put you on a path to fulfilment and success, or point out what has been stopping you from feeling whole and content. Isn't that worthwhile?

Discovering hidden abilities

Personally, when I began blogging I had NO inclination towards photography. I had a digital camera but didn't make much of an effort to take photos beyond birthday parties, vacations and holidays. It wasn't until I began to read other blogs who told stories sometimes entirely through expressive images that I was compelled to improve my own photography skills. Slowly, I began to expand my understanding of other digital mediums, experimenting with adding to my blog design with html coding and artistically through programs like Photoshop and Illustrator. I'm not suggesting that you'll be required to learn any particular set of skills to be successful at blogging, but you may discover an interest in a medium you never considered before. 

Having the courage to commit to blogging breaks down that wall of self doubt most of us have built up for ourselves. It's that one that says your life isn't interesting enough to share with others, you aren't creative, you're not an expert in anything, you're not attractive enough, young enough, experienced enough, or any of those excuses that cause us to slowly fade into the background. Telling yourself "I can't" isn't going to make life better. Pushing yourself to try, research, learn and find your own way to get it done is the best action you can take for yourself. It is very rewarding to recall how much you have learned over time. You might not be an expert in any particular field, but you certainly will know more than you did before.

Consider every opportunity

If you blog publicly, at some point you will be presented with new opportunities. This could look like authoring a guest post on another blog or something very significant like being provided the opportunity to travel, having your work professionally published, being invited to speaking engagements or creating products associated with your name or brand. The sky is the limit, but make it your goal to value every prospect, especially if it isn't within your comfort zone. Imagine how much you will grow by trying that which you fear most? Even if you fail, you will have won a victory in that you tried. There is no better way to achieve personal growth than to say yes to chance.

I hope you enjoyed my perspective on how blogging can encourage personal growth. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the idea that blogging itself will bring us financial independence or a measure of celebrity, but in truth it's value is so much more. It is my hope that the Loving & Living with your Blog series encourages a different take on the value of blogging. You can read more posts from this series HERE.

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