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I sure had an interesting morning today, which started off downtown for an interview on CTV Morning Live. I was able to share some general tips on how to get your blog rolling. If you'd like to see the full interview you can view it here : "Better Blogging in a few easy steps" . 

I have to tell you, I kind of felt like a kid on a field trip. It was so interesting seeing behind the cameras and polish of the morning news. They are real pros, considering much of what is happening is live. I was basically whisked in and out before I had a chance to catch my breath. Suddenly, it was over and I was back in my snow covered car.

I feel comfortable writing here on this blog because I am certain that I can convey exactly what I need to through this format. Words and photos are my friends. But when it comes to video, yikes! That is SO out of my comfort zone. Public speaking of any kind is a skill I'm slowly developing. Yet, this time around was better than the last, so hooray for stretching the limits. I won't forget the experience. Thank you Jessica (who contacted me for the interview) and CTV for having me on your show!

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