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Visiting the Vancouver Aquarium

Visiting the Vancouver Aquarium

We arrived by bus to Stanley Park one grey morning with intentions of renting bikes to ride the sea wall. We quickly realized that we had missed our stop, and that it would be a while before another bus came around to bring us back to the bike rental shop. Looking at a park map, we saw that we were just a short walk from the Vancouver Aquarium. It was starting to drizzle, so we decided the indoor/outdoor Aquarium would be a better choice anyway. 

What a place! We spent most of the day wandering between the tanks, indoor and outdoor shows and interactive displays. Luke and Eve marvelled at all the amazing creatures, strange and beautiful. They didn't have a single bored moment between them. I was thrilled by the opportunity to practice with my macro lens. In some cases I was able to get close and really capture the action. The colours and textures of these plants and creatures are so inspiring. Just look at the personality that cuttle fish has! Pretty sure that if we had an aquarium in Winnipeg, I'd be there constantly just taking photos of jellyfish. 

This was one of those days were we learned and grew as a family. It warms my heart a hundred times over to see these pictures and reminds me that experiences are infinitely more valuable than frivelous possessions. I'm spending the next month planning our summer trip with this in mind.

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