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back in the boler game

She's home! I've been spending ridiculous amounts of time scouting out ways to improve on our great little vintage 1974 Boler trailer. Pulling the trigger on a new vintage styled awning is very hard considering that all in (we also need a rail and poles) they cost from $300 to almost $500. Yeah, it's kind of ridiculous. But, we got a pretty good deal on Eggie and I want to treat her with respect. The other big ticket decision is a fresh paint job. After a nice cleaning and waxing job, she looks pretty fine but there are a few places that no amount of buffing can help. The most glaring one can easily be seen to the left of the door - a patch job from I'm not sure what. The paint that was applied to mask it has started to wear away. It bugs me to no end, and I don't see another solution but to give her a totally fresh paint job. My choices are DIY with marine grade paint and a smooth roller, or to find someone who will do it professionally. So far I've called two auto body places and they've declined the work. At Maaco Winnipeg the guy on the phone was kind of rude and said they didn't have time for it, and they usually turn out badly anyway. It was disappointing since I'd heard that other people had their Bolers painted there. I guess I'm better off though. If they really can't do it right, I sure don't want to pay for a less than perfect job. My next lead was to try a place that paints boats so wish me luck! If you have any suggestions for painting please leave it in the comments. 

This is my family farm. Isn't it cute? Such a typical prairie scene. Wide open spaces, blue skies, a straight as an arrow horizon. It's an old homestead lot that isn't in use. The original house burned down decades ago. We've talked about making this place a personal campground and fixing up the old pink cottage as a guest cabin. I think it would be fun to have a permanent fire pit, dining area, a set of horse shoes and a croquet lawn. Most of the work on the pink cabin is cosmetic. We whitewashed the interior years ago and it just needs a good cleaning and a few mouse traps to get it back into shape. The barn and outhouse are quite another matter. There are a LOT of birds in that dilapidated barn, including an owl I hear every time I get near the door. That outhouse is straight from my worst nightmares. When I was about 8 or 9 I went to a 3 day camp and didn't go to the bathroom once because I was so afraid of the old outhouses. Needless to say it wasn't the best trip. That situation would have to be improved somehow.

Well I have to say it again, I'm so glad summer is on the horizon. We're camping in Eggie this weekend. I'm making a list of all the things we need to dig out of storage, and ideas for fun camp meals. The key is tinfoil and I'm excited to try a few new recipes out. If we're lucky, we might even get some beach time on Saturday! Fingers crossed!


Eggie - Sunny Side Up

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