Bike Riding around Stanley Park

Hi all! I'm back to share some more photos from our Vancouver city trip. On this day we rented 3 bikes and a trailer to ride around Stanley Park's Sea Wall. We had so much fun checking out the gorgeous scenery while breezing around on bikes. It was the perfect way to see a large part of the park with young children.

The day started with us hoping the bus in Kitsalano. A couple transfers later, we were standing across the street from the bike rental shop, Stokes. They outfitted us with all the gear we needed, bikes, trailer, baskets, helmets and locks. Although it was a busy Sunday, it didn't take long before we were crossing the street and riding into the park. Past the boats in a little harbour, we got another eyeful of the beautiful urban view. As the path curved, the misty, cloud covered North Vancouver mountain met us. Everything felt so alive in that fresh sea air.

We stopped at First Beach for lunch at the outdoor canteen. The view was beautiful and although the paths were bustling, the beach was nearly empty. I can only imagine how busy it must be during the summer. We enjoyed our lunch as the sun peaked out of the clouds to warm us. A sneaky crow sniped the last of Eve's hotdog right off of our table. She yelled and scolded him, demanding it back. I don't think I've ever seen her so outraged (it was hilarious). I told her I would take a picture to show the police who the culprit was ...

After lunch, we rode on toward Second Beach. Nearing the end of our trail we stopped at an open grassed area with 3 play structures where the kids ran and stretched their legs. We always have fun on days like this, getting fresh air and lots of exercise. Their faces were beaming, and again I felt good about our decision to make travel a priority.

Once our Sea Wall ride was through, we decided to take one of the bike trails that go through the forested interior of the park. Riding uphill for half of the time was tough, especially for Todd who was pulling Eve in the trailer. We passed hikers, photographers, and even a woman sitting among the trees playing the guitar. The temperate rainforest is incredibly lush and green, with fans of ferns and streamers of moss growing from the branches of the trees and blanketing the forest floor. Exotic looking yellow flowers bloomed throughout the little pools lining the path. I later learned that they are called Skunk Cabbage (or Swamp Lantern) and are closely related to the giant Titum Arum, a Sumatran rainforest flower which grows up to 3 meters over 12 years, then blooms for just 2-4 days and dies. It smells like rotting meat. 

They looked pretty anyway.

At this point I abandoned taking pictures because we were totally beat and decided to turn around rather than try make it all the way to the end of the path, and a towering lookout. I'm sure we missed some un-missalbe sights but flying downhill through that cool forest air sure felt amazing. I'm sure we'll be back for more in the years to come. In the meantime, we had a memorable, beautiful day in Stanley Park, Vancouver.