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Camping Bug

Camping Bug

We've been living out of coolers for the past 5 days after our fridge broke (did you know fridges have motherboards?) No worries though, even the cooler lifestyle hasn't turned me off of camping this year. I can't wait until our next few days away in Eggie!

We're still learning about this camp life. It takes time. In the beginning it seems more trouble than it's worth. Cleaning, packing, hooking up, making sure all systems are go, fixing broken parts (there's always SOMETHING), planning and finding places to camp. Finally you're on your way and can take a bit of a breather (while checking the side mirrors to make sure nothing has unhitched or flown open). In the past we've had a lock assembly completely fall out on the road, a vent cover fly off, a flat tire and a window shutter break in the rain - flapping away while the water sprayed up off the road. 

Ahhh. Arrival. Now it's all about the set up routine. All you want is a cold drink and a lawn chair. Todd is unhitching and dragging Eggie into the most level spot possible within reach of the plug in. I'm usually setting beds as the sun is setting itself. Still happy to be here, but not relaxed until the stars come out. Build a fire. If you're lucky, hang out at someone else's spot that already has theirs roaring (preferable). Where's that DRINK!??!

The next day, it's too early in the morning when the kids wake at the crack of dawn and immediately demand sustenance. The communal bathrooms and showers are fun. Croaking a "hi" or "morning" to bare faced strangers in PJs and flip-flops is special. It does feel so good to brush your teeth. The whole day is ahead of you and HERE is the sweet spot. There is nothing to do today but chill, take a walk, swim, ride a bike, eat, nap, talk, play games or watch and listen to nature - it's all open. That's why it's worth it. Suddenly you feel like you're so far away from the weekly schedule. It's a cure all for your mind and body to just retreat from the city and all your responsibilities there. The sun sets, the stars come out, and so do the fireflies if you're lucky. Without that metropolitan light pollution, the universe opens in the sky above. You forget about everything except how lucky you are to be here together, right now. How incredible life is.

And then before you know it, it's pack up time. Try to put things back where they were so carefully placed before. Clean your site so the bears stay away. Attempt to not be annoyed by the mosquitoes mauling you while you hitch up. Hopefully get the hell out and back on the road before the rain starts. Back down the highway you go, hoping nothing falls off this time.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

We're getting better at it each time. I'm completely bitten by the camping bug.

(original photo source unknown - let me know if you have info on this great camper bus )

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