I get a lot of dates


Yeah, my social life isn't boring. I get a lot of dates. We've been mixing it up and taking the kids out on dates, sometimes together, sometimes just a couple of us. Here are a few iPhone pics from our days and evenings out on the town. Gelati in the evening, church garage sales with good old plants and home baked goods, trips to the farmers market, burgers on a rooftop patio and getting our sugar rush at the candy store. There's nothing that makes me happier than seeing the people I love having a great time. Summer is the perfect time for that.

Image 1.jpg
Image 2.jpg

Check out Eve waving at the animated Fortune Cat. She did that long enough for us to laugh, watch her, have me fish out my phone, and take 3 pictures. She was not giving up until that cat stopped waving! I had to lure her away with the next spectacle. 

Luke and I went on a date to check out my brothers new apartment. We ate at Market Burger (it was so good - go there!) and Luke identified almost everything on the Manitoba pride poster. We went to the candy store (Sugar Mountain) later and he filled a bag up with candy. Burgers and candy, what more can an 8 year old ask for?

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Here's to many more summer dates!

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