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Lune on Stellar


I'm always keeping my eye out for the next big app. You know, the "what's after Instagram" kind of thing. Social media is ever evolving, building on itself to create even better ways to tell the stories of our lives and learn from the journey of others. Stellar is one of those innovative new apps for me. I discovered it through Instagram (this @local_milk stellar story) and am excited by the possibilities. And since it's a new app (out this past spring) now is a great time to hop on it and get your story out there! For example, Lune's first story about the Beachhouse we visit every year was published as #7 on Stellers Top Stories. Cooh eh?


Steller is really fun and something I think would appeal to people who have been considering blogging but feel like it might be too much of a commitment or require skills they're unsure of. In fact, the whole process of creating a Stellar Story happens on your iPhone, and the results are truly beautiful. Include your favourite videos and photos from your camera roll and make something special!


Check it out and hey, follow me too - Lune on Stellar!

Super Volcanic Roadtrip

Beach House 2014

Beach House 2014