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september home

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I'm doing the best I can to stay cheerful. Summer is over, and let's be honest, as much as I like fall there's nothing quite like being able to walk right outdoors with a t-shirt and shorts, or a sundress, and not blink an eye. Those days are coming to a close. And with it, the beautiful canopy of leaves that shelters our neighbourhood from the hottest summer rays, and warm summer rains. Briefly it will all turn a magnificent gradient of autumn colors and then fall in piles to cover all our yards. Then, the inevitable, a long 5 month (or more) snow covered existence. Dismal? Kinda. Sometimes unique and beautiful, absolutely. 

We take in the neighbourhood now while we only need hoodies and sneakers. The acorns have begun to fall, and the last fruit turns on the trees. September is nice. Maybe we'll hit up a corn maze, a farmers market or the zoo this weekend. I love our weekends together.

Here are a few photos from home.

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