Why Buy A Tiny Vintage Camper Trailer ?

We all enjoy seeing a quirky little vintage trailer roll by - don't we? They're the tiny egg or box shaped homes on wheels, barely peeking out from behind a towing vehicle. Well, after nearly 5 years of owning our own 14 foot, 1976, Boler model, fiberglass camper trailer, I'd like to share why I think tiny vintage trailers are choice!

Smaller Spaces = A Richer Camp Experience

Why so small? Well, what do you need a ton of space for anyway? Isn't the whole point of camping supposed to be that you'll spend your entire day outside? That means playing games on a blanket or picnic table, cooking your wieners on the fire, taking a hike in the rain, and enjoying a glass of wine under the stars. Likewise, it also means battling mosquitos and black flies, sweating it out under the hot sun, and holding down the camp chairs in a wind storm. That's camp life baby! And hey, your trailer's still a lot more comfortable than a tent when you really want to hide from mother nature for a bit.

Go Anywhere A Car will take you

Add to that, park anywhere a tent will fit too. Road tripping is no big deal with a tiny trailer hitched up. You can park in any drive through space easily, roll into a camp spot by hand (well, Todd can do this, not me) and even get creative when you have to. Just be careful of curious wildlife - they might be almost the same size as your unsuspecting camper. We regularly book tent spots in national / provincial parks. They're cheaper and usually are the last to book up. Most of the time, the smaller sites are in the more forested areas of campgrounds too, so you can really enjoy the environment you set out to be a part of in the first place.

the club membership comes built in

We were twisting and winding our way down the switchbacks of Yellowstone, enjoying the views the big motorhomes missed entirely, when up came another Eggie followed by an enthusiastic "Beep Beep !". Even out here we found a member of the Boler club. You'll find that whatever tiny trailer you choose will have a loyal and proud following, and probably a club or rally to accommodate it. In it, people from different walks of life have one thing in common, their love and pride of a little vintage trailer. It's kinda cool. 

Excercise your minimalism muscle

How do you pack up a family of four with supplies for 2 weeks into a 14 ft x 6 ft space? Minimalism baby! Thinking about what you really need on the daily while camping is a good exercise that ends up affecting how you see stuff in your big home too. I also enjoyed planning how to use the small space efficiently. There's some pretty creative solutions out there for storage. If you're not really into the whole minimalism thing, just think of all the cool collapsible camp gadgets you'll get to buy! Engineering genius meets collapsible buckets and backpackers dinnerware. If it fits in your pack, it's perfect for a tiny camper too!

So come on and join us in the tiny vintage camper club!

Interested in learning more about models of fibreglass trailers and so much more - Bolerama.org has a pretty great resource list here.