Luke goes to Kelowna

Luke goes to Kelowna

Early this month Luke joined his grandparents for a trip to Kelowna, BC to visit his cousin. He had a few firsts on this trip, including traveling by small aircraft, snowboarding on an actual mountain, and riding a wave (kinda). Since Luke is turning 10 in a few days I asked him if he would write captions to go along with a selection of his trip photos. I have a feeling this is just the first of many visits to the beautiful Canadian province of British Columbia for him! 

"We left Winnipeg at five thirty.  We went on a plane with a propeller in the front. The wheels folded out when we started moving. We went over the Rockies and flew to Kelowna. You had to walk out of the plane and into the plane from the tarmack."      

"We went skiing at Big White. There was a gondola to go up the mountain from the bottom of the mountain. Then when you went up the gondola there's a lodge where you can get food and get rentals. Then to go down to the hills it was a bunny hill. The bunny hill was HUGE! The easy hill takes 30 mins to get down if u weren’t experienced."

"H20 is an indoor water park in Kelowna. It had surf simulators, water slides and a lazy river. The lazy river would push you it was really fun."

"We walked around Kelowna. There was this eatery called the Hobo. It had really good food. We went walking in the fields and found some very cool stuff.  We went to the wharf park and walked around. There was this carving in a tree and it looked very cool and there was a broken tractor and it was awesome."

Photos by Luke and Wade Munro

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