Beat the Winter Blues : Fill Your Soul Up with Green

Today I wanted to talk about something I struggle with every year, a nasty bought of the Winter Blues. Sometimes we're fortunate enough to hop on a plane and get a taste of the tropics. It's usually just a short reprieve, but that dose of heat and lush surroundings is enough to break up the long season. It does wonders for my mental health. This year we're recovering from a bit of a road trip disaster that we got ourselves into last August. No winter holiday for us! I'm pretty bummed out about the situation but I've learned that I'm responsible for my own state of mind and I won't go down without a fight! So, until spring arrives, I want to share some tips for beating the Winter Blues. I hope you'll also find these posts helpful if you live in a cold weather climate like I do. Stay strong brothers and sisters! We can do this!

Todays tip is to Fill Your Soul up With Green

It's the colour of life and in the deep of winter, it's a hue that's woefully absent. Bright white snow, pale blue ice and a vivid azure sky are all wonderful - but gimme green and I'm instantly energized. So where can you find a fix? We visited The Assiniboine Park Conservatory one morning to take a long leisurely stroll through the Palm House. The minute the warm humid air entered my lungs, I knew it was a great idea. Green has a smell too! 

I took this opportunity to practice managing light and shadow with my SLR. I showed Eve how to use my old iPod to take photos so she could snap some pictures of her own. She loved it! We had such a nice morning together just enjoying the plants. And of course, it truly was uplifting. So, take my tip and fill 'er up with this verdant remedy!  

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